субота, 01. децембар 2012.

The beginning of the end of AIDS starts with you


AIDS used to be a death sentence, but now more than 8 million people are on life-saving treatment. By 2015, with the scale up of treatment and prevention for HIV, we could see the beginning of the end of AIDS.

But it won’t happen without you.

Join me and sign ONE’s petition right now:


We have all the tools. Now we need the passion to fight for what’s right.

It starts with you.




четвртак, 29. новембар 2012.

Art research: Steve McCurry

                  Famous photographer Steve McCurry make photo shooting for new Pirelli calendar  like an amazing postcard from Rio. He photographed well known models who are also famous for their charity work, common people of Rio and beautiful scenery. To find more about Steve McCurry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steve_McCurry             http://stevemccurry.com/

        Steve McCurry  break through the world of photography  with this picture using specific skills to capture all emotions, spreading the message around  the world.


понедељак, 26. новембар 2012.

Art research: Steve Schapiro

             Steve Schapiro is contributing photographer for American RadioWorks. Schapiro traveled throughout America photographing and recording people and issues during the turbulent decade of the 1960s. His first essays, which documented narcotic addiction in East Harlem and the migrant workers of Arkansas, gave Schapiro considerable attention and earned him prestigious assignments for the thriving picture/news magazines Life, Look, Time and Newsweek. For the first time, American Edge brings together 90 of Schapiro's searing images.